Lot Line

When I am driving down my street to get to my house, I pass my neighbor’s side yard and then the side of my yard, just before I turn into my driveway. One summer day, while turning into my driveway, I noticed that the neighbor’s lawn had been mowed. Now the grass on our side was longer. There was a clean line going down the middle of what had been a clear expanse of shaggy green grass. A week later, the reverse had happened: our yard had been mowed and the cut expanse was flipped to the other side. The lawn-mowing was delineating the property line. This invisible, legal line of land ownership was suddenly visible. I began taking notice of other visible markers of these quite real, but invisible, lot lines. In my project, Lot Line, I am looking at the spaces between houses. I am finding the visible markers such as fences, utility poles, and lawn-mowing lines that show the invisible property ownership lines.

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