Book review by Brad Feuerhelm.

Buffalo Zine Spring/Summer 2024 feature and interview by Andrea Lazarov

Portfolios include the work of Richard Billingham, Sage Sohier, Mohamed Hassan, Mitch Epstein, Anna Fox, Mary Frey, Judith Black, Ronan McCall, Deanna Dikeman, Esther Teichmann, Paul Graham, Christopher Anderson, Mark Steinmetz, Lydia Goldblatt and Oliver Woods, alongside an extended Q&A. 

Trouw weekly, The Netherlands, April 23, 2022

Online magazine, March 2022

Alessandro Merola reviews Leaving and Waving in June 2021 The Brooklyn Rail here.

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Samstag/Sonntag, 8./9.Mai 2021

DER FREITAG April 15, 2021

Book review by Mengyun Han.

November 2020 Country Living magazine

New York Times, T Magazine, Culture Therapist: “How can I say good-bye to my city in the middle of a pandemic?” April 28, 2020

theo magazine, Dusseldorf, Germany

New Yorker Photo Booth, March 4, 2020. Text by Eren Orbey. (link by clicking on photo above)

From the British Journal of Photography

Ten photographers have made it into the shortlist for the annual MACK First Book Award; the winning project will be announced in May at Photo London 2020

Set up in 2012 to support emerging and unpublished photographers, MACK’s prestigious First Book Award has announced the shortlist for its ninth edition. The award, which accepts submissions via an open call, has helped to launch the careers of photographers including Paul Salveson, Hayahisa Tomiyasu and Joanna Piotrowska. 

This year’s jury included Michael Mack, founder of MACK; Jörg Colberg, writer, educator, and founder of online photography magazine Conscientious; Ellis Jones, editor-in-chief of VICE Magazine; Joanna Piotrowska, winner of the 2014 First Book Award; and Polly Fleury, director of special projects at the Wilson Centre for Photography, London. 

Leaving and waving, 8/2004 in February 2019 issue of The Sun

I was invited to pair a poem of my choosing with one of my photographs.’t-leave-you-alone-volume-2/