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Reviews and Essays
American Suburb X, “Deanna Dikeman Relative Moments” by Brad Feuerhelm, 12 June 2024.
BJP 1854 Photography, "Wish you were here: Love and loss in photography” by Gem Fletcher, May 2022.
Riposte, "Mothering Our Mothers" by Gem Fletcher, May 2022.
RAI Cultura, “Deanna Dikeman. Leaving and Waving.” 20 February 2022.
Telex, "Sosem tudhatod, mikor köszöntél el utoljára" by Barakonyi Szabolcs, 19 September 2021.
La Critica, “Leaving and Waving. Il racconto di una vita nella semplicità di un saluto.” by Alessandro Giugni, 5 August 2021
The Brooklyn Rail, "Deanna Dikeman's Leaving and Waving" by Alessandro Merola, June 2021.
Collector Daily, “Deanna Dikeman, Leaving and Waving” by Olga Yatskevich, 27 May 2021.
Paper Journal, Digital Issue 19, “Deanna Dikeman–Leaving and Waving” by Jacob Charles Wilson, 6 May 2021.
i-D, “Pendant 27 ans, Deanna Dikeman a dit au revoir à ses parents” by Patrick Thévenin, 26 April 2021.
American Suburb X, “The Mindfulness of Death: Deanna Dikeman” by Mengyun Han, 6 April 2021.
The British Journal of Photography, “27 years of Goodbye: Deanna Dikeman’s Leaving and Waving,” by Isaac Huxtable, 19 February 2021. 
TAZ, “Fotoserie ‘Leaving and Waving’ Vor dem Haus” by Paul Wrusch, 13 February 2021.
The New York Times T Magazine, Culture Therapist: "How can I say good-bye to my city in the middle of a pandemic?" by Ligaya Mishan, April 28, 2020.
The New Yorker, "Goings On About Town: Art: Deanna Dikeman" by Eren Orbey, March 30, 2020, pp. 5-6.
The New Yorker,  Photo Booth, "A Photographer's Parents Wave Farewell" by Eren Orbey, March 4, 2020.
GUP Magazine review of 27 Good-byes by Alex Blanco, March 23, 2020
KC Studio, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” at La Esquina Gallery. Online review by Elisabeth Kirsch, September 11, 2018.
KC Studio, Artist Pages – Deanna Dikeman: “Sprinklers, Birdbaths and Puddles” by Alice Thorson, September 10, 2018.
Art review: Fine photography books escape from the coffee table to the art gallery,” by Lisa Sorg,  INDY Week, October 15, 2014
“Kansas City artist Deanna Dikeman receives $50,000 United States Artists grant,” by Alice Thorson, The Kansas City Star, November 14, 2008. PDF
“Art photographer finds extraordinary in ordinary,” by Lynn Israel, Columbia Tribune, November 16, 2008. PDF
Charlotte Street Foundation Fellowship “10” book essay written by Raechell Smith, Director and Chief Curator, Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute, 2007. (PDF from book)
Charlotte Street Foundation Fellowship 2006 essay written by Maria Elena Buszek, Curator & Doctorate Professor of Art History, Kansas City Art Institute.
“A Time for Quiet Contemplation,” by Alice Thorson, The Kansas City Star, October 8, 2006. PDF
“The Photographer’s Details,” by Alice Thorson, The Kansas City Star, September 10, 2006. PDF
"Dikeman Photo Featured on Project Wall," by Alice Thorson, The Kansas City Star, September 6, 2002. PDF
“Mundane Mysteries: Missouri Photographer Deanna Dikeman,” by Heather Lustfeldt, Art Papers, September/October 2001. PDF
"'Relative Moments' exhibit depicts life through black and white photos,” by Lauren Luethold, Baylor Lariat, January 19, 1999
Buzzfeed News JPG, 9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View of the World by Gabriel H. Sanchez, March 7, 2020
Swiss Miss Design Blog: Leaving and Waving, March 3, 2020
At Length: The Poem that Won't Leave You Alone, Volume 2 by Chad Parmenter’t-leave-you-alone-volume-2/
Don't Take Pictures Photo of the Day, July 23, 2017
 DON'T SMILE featured artist, April 2017
Float Photo Magazine Portfolio, 2017
Slate Magazine Behold Photo Blog: The Wild and Colorful World of Ballroom Dancers by David Rosenberg, 2014
Bad at Sports Edition #42: Stars Align for Artists Assembly by Dana Bassett, 2015
This Isn’t Happiness: Weekend Plans
Aline Smithson: Lenscratch
    October 22, 2009
    August 13, 2010
Kevin Sizemore: Sight Under Construction
Forrest R. Old: BWGallerist
Artstormer: “Seven Minutes in Heaven” Photography by Deanna Dikeman
From Your Desks
Blake Andrews: 27 Good-byes
Three of a kind and one good-bye
Henry Domke Fine Art featured artist
Newspaper, Journal, and Magazine Features
Fotografare, “Il lungo addio” by Francesca Orsi, No. 29, May 2022: 70-74.
GEO Kompakt, "Im Takt der Uhr" by Manuel Opitz, 1-2022: 30-35. PDF
Trouw, “De Kunst Van Het Zwaaien” by Jacqueline Kuijpers, Tijdgeest Zaterdag, April 23, 2022: 36-38.
M Le Magazine du Monde, Le Portfolio.“Vestiges des Jeaux Heureux” by Roxana Azimi. 13 March 2021: 52-61. PDF
Harpers Magazine, April 2021, p. 96.
Country Living, November 2020, Vol. 43 No. 9, p. 75. "Home is... Parents waving goodbye at the end of the drive"
D, weekly magazine of la Repubblica. “Ciao mamma, ciao papà: una storia per immagini” by Nadia Terranova, 10 October 2020. PDF
DUMMY, “HINGABE: Die Eltern winken, die Tochter fotografiert—27 Jahre lang” Issue 67, 2020: 48-59.
VOSTOK, “Leaving and Waving” 2020. 5-6. Vol. 21: 213-223.
Der Tagesspiegel, "Lebt wohl!" by Susanne Kippenberger, April 19, 2020. PDF
Sioux City Journal, "The Wave Seen 'Round the World", March 20, 2020. PDF
Artist Pages: Deanna Dikeman "Sprinklers, Birdbaths and Puddles," by Alice Thorson. KC Studio, September/October 2018, Vol. X, Issue 5, pp. 112-119. PDF
Exhibition Catalog: A Survey of Documentary Styles in the 21st Century from the Indie Photobook Library, 2012
"21 jaar uitzwaaien" De Volkskrant Observatorium, p. 22-23. December 29, 2012. Text by Rob Gollin. Page 22, Page 23, Translation
"Leaving and Waving" Columbia Home and Lifestyle, April/May 2010
Online Publications
Indie Photobook Library: 27 Good-byes
Indie Photobook Library: Clothed
Roadside Jesus: Collection One

Podcasts and Videos
Artspeak Radio interview with Maria Vasquez Boyd on KKFI FM radio, August 17, 2022.
"Why You Should Consider Taking More Candid Family Photos " on Wisconsin Public Radio Central Time, March 31, 2020
Nearest Truth Episode 178 interview with Brad Feuerhelm 
KCUR radio interview on Central Standard NPR in Kansas City with Gina Kaufmann, March 10, 2020